The Importance of NEBS Level 3 Certification

Some inverter manufacturers produce inverters for environments that don’t involve adverse operating conditions. At organizations large and small, you’ll find inverters in places such as electrical closets, along production lines, in data center workstations (where they connect to uninterruptible power supplies), and other areas that don’t put a significant... [Read More]

Maintaining Modular Inverters: Is IPA a Good Solvent?

Modular inverters are reminiscent to blade servers you slip into a large chassis that has multiple server slots. As with servers, one of the main benefits of deploying modular inverters on this model is they can be inserted in the chassis to scale up capacity. Instead of buying a... [Read More]

Tips for Assessing Inverter Reliability

Wouldn’t it be nice to know that your trusty industrial power inverter was about to experience a failure, and correct the problem before the inverter crashed? Using the four industrial power inverter assessment strategies below can help you do exactly this. However, before you use any of these strategies... [Read More]

Evaluating Inverter Manufacturers

When we’re shopping for something, we often like to choose between multiple offers from different manufacturers, or at least multiple choices from a single manufacturer. However, when the choices number in the hundreds, the multitude of options can feel overwhelming. This often happens when organizations set out to evaluate... [Read More]

What’s The Difference Between Modular Inverters and Standard Inverters

There are plenty of offers for modular inverters on the internet, but some manufacturers don’t take time explain how modular inverters differ from standard inverters. This is usually because customers already know what modular inverters are, and have arrived at a manufacturer’s website looking for them. However, if this... [Read More]

What to Ask a Custom Inverter Manufacturer Before You Buy

You’ve looked almost everywhere — online and off — but you can’t seem to find the right inverter for your power needs. If you’ve been shopping for days or weeks, and you’re still at an impasse, you may be in the market for a custom inverter. If so, and... [Read More]

Pairing Inverters With Exhaust Fans

When wired to variable speed electric motors that can operate at different intervals and/or power levels, frequency inverters can save organizations lots of money. For instance, imagine running a giant fan at the top of an exhaust tower full blast, day and night, versus (a) shutting it off during... [Read More]

Tips for Maximizing The Lifespan of Modular Inverters

Modular inverters are designed to offer more flexibility than standard inverters that have rigid design parameters, which prevent them from being installed in certain spaces and can make scheduled maintenance more time consuming. The latter factor, equipment maintenance, is what we focus on in this entry, providing helpful tips... [Read More]

Choosing Industrial Power Inverters: FAQ

Industrial power inverters get their name from being manufactured to withstand stressors found in industrial work environments. However, choosing an industrial inverter involves more than simply buying an industrial grade piece of equipment. If this is your first time shopping for an industrial power inverter, the answers below may... [Read More]

What Separates One Inverter Manufacturer From Another?

Many people are loyal to particular brands because they believe the brands are better than competing ones. We usually associate this phenomenon with popular retail products, but the same scenario applies to inverter manufacturer brands. As the four factors below demonstrate, inverters can differ from each other in several... [Read More]