Other Inverter Related Products: AC Modules and Solar Data Storage


PV AC Module

An EXELTECH PV AC module is a self-contained, UL-1741 compliant inverter that produces clean, sine-wave electricity for grid-tie applications without the complexity or expense common in large-string-inverter-based systems. (Not available as a stand-alone micro inverter.  Must be factory or distributor mounted to the back of a PV module.)

  • Advantages Over Conventional Grid-Tie Systems 50% reduction in wiring requirements! This eliminates:-DC wiring
    -DC cable trays
    -DC fusing, over-current protection and required holders
    -DC connectors
    -DC ground-fault detection, protection, and devices
    -DC surge protection
    -DC combiner boxes
    -DC junction boxes and connector blocks
    -UL-related DC cabling issues
    -PV Series (“blocking”) diodes
    -PV module bypass diode
  • Additional Benefits of Exeltech PV AC Modules-No batteries to purchase, maintain, or wear out!
    -More reliable – single failure does not disable entire system!
    -Simplified system assembly – AC wiring connects directly to AC sub-panel with appropriate breaker!
    -Incremental growth capability – no need to purchase many expensive modules at one time.
    -Minimizes system design time and expense.
    -Significantly decreases system power reduction events due to single-module shading.
    -No large or heavy inverters to ship, handle, or mount.
    -Easy to install and service – PV panel and inverter are integrated into one unit.
    -No imbalance losses due to differences in PV output voltage or current.
    -Anti-islanding protection built into every module (per UL1741).
    -Microprocessor-controlled Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) operates over entire DC input voltage range.
    -Eliminates series connection problems, where one defective component can affect entire system.
    -PV panel is not exposed to high voltage – eliminates arching problems.


Helio Sentry – Real time solar data storage module

The Helio Sentry is an all-in-one solution that addresses every aspect of connecting AC Modules to a home. It collects and reports data from the PV system—the energy used in the home and weather information that impacts performance of the Solar System and energy use. It also provides the necessary hardware to terminate the PV system and interface the home wiring to achieve all local code requirements. It greatly simplifies the installation of an AC Module system.

If you can measure it, you can track it, you can save it. This is the design cornerstone of the Helio Sentry. It measures and stores everything in your home and PV system. With this data you can see how much energy you are generating and using, know what your remaining electric bill is in real time, and then generate habits to reduce your energy requirements. When coupled with Helio Sentry Software, you can see your home’s energy use anywhere, anytime.

Data features

    1. Collects for each AC Module in the system
      • Output Current, Output Voltage, Panel Voltage, Inverter Temperature, status codes. This data is collected every minute while power is generated
    2. Measures and Collects system data
      • PV power generated, Utility power used (or sent back), Irradiance measured with external sensor, Temperature of up to 3 external temperature sensors all with user selectable time intervals from 1 min to 1 hour. Alarms if surge protection is compromised.
    3. Calculates and stores
      • PV, Utility , and total power used for user definable time intervals from 1 sec to 1 hr
      • PV, Utility, and energy used, per day (35 days), per week (53 weeks) , per month (13 months ), per year (2 years) and all time and 8 user selectable time frame.
      • Min and Max temperature, Peak irradiance, Peak power, irradiance at peak power, Temperature at peak power, irradiance*hours, and Degree*hours. This information can be used to benchmark your system performance over time. This data is stored for 1 year and can be downloaded with supplied software.


Integrated Hardware features

  • AC disconnect switch, provides disconnect required by many municipalities
  • Connections for 2 strings of AC Modules. Connections for both phases of AC house power.
  • Electronics to measure AC Volts, Amps for PV and Home power.
  • Electronics to measure irradiance sensor and 3 external temperature sensors
  • Surge protection and monitoring to protect your Renewable Energy Investment
  • 802.11g wireless communications to home computer.
  • 4 by 20 character back-light display for data.


With  the  EXELTECH  HelioSentry  you  will  have  unprecedented  access  to  your  data.  With  supplied HelioSentry Software you can record and log all of the data available from the HelioSentry forever. There are NO subscription services to buy. No internet access is required unless you wish to view your data from a remote location.