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Exeltech – The Most Trusted Provider of Pure Sine Wave Inverters Worldwide!

Exeltech’s Mission

To provide leadership electronics and superior customer service through the merging of innovative designs with advanced manufacturing technology.”

EXELTECH was founded in 1990, based on the philosophy that efficiencies in the manufacturing process through product design, coordinated with facility layout, is paramount to productivity and the key to a quality inverter product. Our commitment to quality and total customer satisfaction has allowed EXELTECH to become innovators in the DC to AC power product market for over 30 years. The net result of these philosophies is a line of products which demonstrate an MTBF (mean time between failures) in excess of twenty years and allows us to offer our customers the most competitively priced true sine wave inverters available anywhere. To learn more about how EXELTECH can serve you or your business in the protection and operation of your most critical power applications, contact us today.

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Inverter Firsts

EXELTECH was first in the market with true sine wave inverter, back when all the competition offered was “quasi-sine wave inverters”. Now that most of them offer “true sine wave inverters” we ask you to compare performance and price to other inverters.

Inverter Innovation

EXELTECH offers the best regulated AC power inverter available from any source, inverter, generator and public utility included. You can not buy cleaner power anywhere.

Inverter Infinitum

EXELTECH offers more production models than any other inverter manufacturer, almost as many as all of the other inverter manufacturers combined. With over 30,000 inverter models available, if we can’t solve your power inverter problem, no one can.
Exeltech Inverters

The Most Trusted Provider
of Inverters Worldwide!


7317 Jack Newell Blvd N
Fort Worth, TX 76118
Phone: 800-886-4683
Phone: 817-595-4969
Fax: 817-595-1290

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