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Frequency Converters

Frequency Converters

The EXELTECH frequency converter is operated by simply plugging in the supplied cord to the power input, connecting the load to the output plug provided, and turning the unit on. The input and output receptacle, along with the switch, are mounted on the left rear side of the enclosure. Specifications are listed on the product label regarding maximum input and output voltages and currents.

The unit is protected against thermal and electrical overload. Electrical overloads will cause the AC voltage to collapse as the inverter limits output current. When the overload is removed, output voltage will return to normal. If the output is short circuited, the unit will latch itself off, turning the front LED red. This requires the power switch to be cycled to reset the condition (turn the unit off then back on again). Should the unit be thermally overloaded—too much load at too high a temperature—it will shut off, leaving the fan running. When the internal temperature sufficiently cools, the unit will turn itself back on.

When the unit is operating normally, the LED on the front will indicate green.

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