Pure Sine Wave Inverters, Rackmount Accessories, and Frequency Converters

XP Series Inverters

Exeltech XP Series inverters are made in the USA and offered in a range from 125Watts to 2000Watts and can be used as a stand-alone unit or rack mounted. XP Series inverters are industrial grade and can be used in various types of applications from powering small electronics and appliances to providing power solutions for RV’s, Boats, ATVs, UTVs and much more. XP Series inverters are offered with a variety of options to meet your specific requirements like conformal coating, NEMA plugs, low idle current drain, remote alarming, 50ms transfer relay, and much more. For over 30 years Exeltech has supplied clients around the world with the most reliable and affordable pure sine wave power inverters on the market. To design your custom Exeltech XP Series inverter, contact us today

Modular Inverter Systems

Exeltech modular inverter systems are made in the USA and designed to industrial and telecom standards. With over 30,000 permutations available our modular design gives clients the ability to design and customize an inverter system to meet their specific power needs. We offer systems that range from 1KW to 180KW with many input and output voltages available as well as many options that can be added like expandability, N+1 redundancy, static transfer switch, maintenance bypass switch, alarming, ethernet remote monitoring, DC distribution, AC distribution, and much more. Our inverter systems are delivered to you fully assembled and ready for use. To start your custom modular inverter system design, contact us today!


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