Industrial power inverters are just like any other inverters you may use at home. They ensure you power your expensive equipment properly without any problems during power fluctuations. If you want to know more about them, here are a few basic questions answered.

What are inverters and what are they used for?

Inverters are devices that change a battery’s DC power to traditional AC power. They are used to power, and safely use your devices like radios, microwaves, kitchen appliances, and electrical lights.

All you have to do is connect the inverter with the battery and the device. You then have a portable power source to carry and use wherever and whenever you want.

Do note that inverters are powered by batteries. So they need to be recharged by connecting the inverters to a power source. In the case of industrial power inverters, it’s connected to an industrial power outlet.

What is the right-sized power inverter?

There are various sized inverters on the market tailored to meet the power needs of most electrical appliances. As the name implies, the industrial power inverters are used for powering huge, industrial equipment. You have differently powered modular inverters for your commercial and residential power needs.

You have to select the right one for your power needs based on the electoral power (watts or amps) of the devices you need it to power. Don’t worry if you don’t know how much power the devices consume. It’s usually listed in the product description.

It is usually recommended that you buy inverters that are slightly bigger than your power needs. It should be about 10-20% more than the highest load because you never know what other appliances will be switched on along with them.

Your Exeltech personnel are the best people to turn to for help when looking for the right modular inverters and industrial power inverters.