You never know when a power outage may occur. But when it strikes, it generally leads to lots of financial loss and downtime for any industry. While buying industrial power inverters can provide a cure by preventing these power outages it helps only if you choose the right inverter for your equipment.

With so many inverter manufacturers to choose from, selecting the right unit for your equipment can be a daunting task. Knowing these two truths about choosing industrial power inverters can make your choice easier.

1. Choose by size

Industrial power inverters come in various sizes ranging from 12 to 220V. This means you cannot just randomly choose an inverter for your equipment. You have to choose one that can convert, and provide sufficient power to run your equipment.

The wrong inverter will not be useful at all to you. In fact, it may end up doing more harm and creating problems instead of being of any benefit to you. You unnecessarily spend more money buying a large capacity inverter if you don’t require it. An inverter with too small a capacity will not meet your equipment power requirements.

And if your inverter manufacturers don’t have the right sized inverter, then don’t compensate by buying one from them. It’s a waste of money, and dangerous for your equipment. It is better to instead have one customized for you.

2. Choose by type

You also have to buy the right type of inverter. If you are looking for an industrial inverter, don’t make do with a residential or commercial one. They are meant for use in homes and in offices and not for inverters.

Investing in them is also a waste of money, and don’t serve the role of protecting your equipment from power surges. Industrial inverters are built to not only accommodate large power surges but also to endure the industrial workloads and stress like extreme temperature and falling objects.