If you are on a purchasing spree of 2K watt inverters, then a little insight into inverters and their functioning is necessary. It is also better to know what appliances a 2K watt inverter can power

Let’s get into the in-depth details of 2K watt inverters and how long they can provide the backup.

What is an inverter? 

An inverter is an electronic circuit that transforms direct current to alternating current. It supplies power to stand-alone and electric grid systems and helps control electric voltage, current, and frequency. 

How do you define Watt?

Watt is the measure of power that a particular device is using. Here is an example- if you have a voltage of 100 volts and a current of 10 amps, then the device uses1000 watts of power. Similarly a device uses 1000 watts of power with 200 volts voltage and five amps current. 

So if your inverter can produce 2000 watts, it can provide power to a wide range of appliances. Moreover, it is an incredible device to provide uninterrupted power for longer durations during an electrical failure.

What devices can a 2000W inverter run?

A 2K Watt inverter can run a wide range of small to large, power-consuming appliances. To understand this better, you need to familiarize yourself with some technical terms like starting watts and running watts.

When you start a device, it needs a surge of power to start, and that power is known as starting watts. Running watts is the wattage necessary to power the device at a continuous momentum.

By merely adding starting and running watts, you can quickly determine how many appliances you can plug in using your 2000 watt inverter power.

You can plug in almost all the domestic appliances with this inverter. But it cannot run all the devices at the same time.

Uses of 2K Watt power inverter

Due to its compact size and capacity to power domestic and commercial devices, it has varied uses. It can power smaller home appliances like a ceiling fan (130-150 watts), refrigerator (700-800 watts), phone chargers (50 watts), light bulbs (100-120 watts), etc.

Additionally, you can also use it to run larger appliances like portable electric heaters (1200 watts) and freezers (600 watts) during camping tours and in recreational vehicles.

Causes of an overloaded 2K watt inverter 

The starting and running watts determine whether your 2000 watt inverter can easily power your devices or not. And if it can provide uninterrupted backup without causing overload and damage to appliances or inverters.

Following are the two main reasons for an overloaded inverter:

1.     Inverter reaches its maximum output limit

The most common reason for a 2000 watt inverter overload is high power devices. These devices usually consume more power when they start. And this power is called surge power. 

When surge power exceeds the inverters maximum power output limit, it causes overloading of the inverter.

2.     Numerous appliances are connected simultaneously.

Overloading can also happen if you use numerous high-power devices simultaneously. So, to avoid an overload on your inverter, you have to stop using the appliances that consume maximum power. Also, don’t plug in too many devices all at one time.

Therefore, if your regular power requirements are high, you should invest in large 2K power inverters that bear a load of multiple devices plugged in simultaneously. 

The professional executives at Exeltech will provide you with proper guidance regarding the correct size of an inverter as per your power requirements. Thus, be wise enough to invest in pure sine wave inverters and avoid unnecessary overloading of inverters to enjoy an uninterrupted power supply.