You must be surprised at the number of new gadgets you find at stores every time you visit one. There’s something to help with most of your everyday work, and you naturally are compelled to buy them.

You have the latest vacuum cleaners, dishwashers, washing machines, laptops, and other gadgets with the latest features. It gives you more reason to want to buy them.

However, besides all these gadgets, you also need to invest in suitable 2k watt power inverters. You never know when there’s a power outage, and these inverters provide the perfect backup power for your appliances. 

The problem, however, is that, like other appliances, there are so many true sine wave inverters.

This buying guide will prove helpful in selecting one. 

Factors to consider before buying 2k watt power inverters

1. Know your wattage requirements

This is probably the most essential feature to consider. Select your inverter based on the applications’ power requirements. For example, a 2k watt power inverter is perfect for running essential appliances like your TV, fridge, and freezer. 

2. Size

Always select the right-sized inverter that controls your heavy-duty appliances without the fear of them tripping or breaking down. You can easily calculate this.

Just calculate and add your appliances’ minimal power requirements. Then provide for about 10-15% margin on both ends. This gives you a good idea of how big your power inverter should be. 

3. Protection

Never take any risks with electrical equipment. You need to protect not only your equipment but yourself too. So look for true sine wave inverters with suitable protection features to keep both you and your appliances safe. 

4. Warranty

Last but not least, warranty. 

You look for one in all your appliances, so make sure you check the inverter’s warranty too. You never know when it may need repairs in the future. A good warranty can save you a lot of money if anything like that does occur. 

Your Exeltech personnel will help you with everything you need to know to select the best 2k watt power inverter for your emergency power requirements.