2k watt power inverters are instruments that are necessary for powering sensitive equipment. They are compact and lightweight in design and structure, weighing on an average, only about twelve pounds each.

No voltage fluctuations

They are actually true sine wave inverters that produce precisely regulated output voltage. This is to ensure that there are no measurable voltage fluctuations on the output power. This works, and is applicable even if there are some fluctuations in the input voltage.

In fact, most 2k watt inverters have a maximum distortion of 2% to offer in creating the cleanest sine wave power. This means that these inverters produce less than 1.2 volt changes in output voltage even when the output load varies between 0 to 100% of the rated power.

Controlled by a microprocessor

The fact that the inverters are controlled by a microprocessor makes their function and usage all the more convenient and easy to handle. Exeltech produces these inverters in a modular design. This proves beneficial as an investment because it makes it all the easier and convenient for you to add and replace modules as when necessary.

Customization option

These inverters are standardized to cover 24, 48 and 66 VDC battery systems. They can be customized to meet your individual input voltage requirements just by adding and removing modules as needed.

Exeltech is more than ready to customize industrial power inverters as per your necessity. All you have to do is measure to ascertain how much power you require for your instruments or appliances.

You can either buy Exeltech’s standardized industrial inverters or opt to invest in modular inverters that you can customize and use as per your power needs.