2k watt power inverters are integral devices, useful and sometimes necessary in homes and offices. They provides you with continuous power even during power cuts so that there’s no disruption in your work.

Unfortunately, no matter how careful you may be while handling true sine wave inverters, you may end up in situations where the inverter doesn’t work or suddenly stops working. Read on to find out what you should do in such situations.

1. Faulty power switch

The most common reason is a defective power switch, which is also the easiest to resolve. You just have to unplug the inverter from the power source and check to see if the power switch is working or not by plugging n some other appliance to it.

If it doesn’t work, it means that the power switch is faulty and you may use a different power switch or have a professional replace it. However, if the other appliance works, it means that the power switch is okay and your true sine wave inverter is faulty.

2. Tripping

Tripping is another possible reason for faulty 2k watt power inverters. This is also easily resolved by pressing the trip reset button that’s found on the inverter itself.

This helps reset, and in some cases, even turns on the inverter. If the inverter doesn’t work despite pressing the button, it means that there’s some other problem with your inverter.

3. Disconnected battery

Many times, the simple problem of a disconnected battery is the reason for your sine wave inverter not working. So just check your battery connections and if it’s disconnected, reconnect and try switching on the inverter.

If the battery is connected and your inverter is still not working, it’s better to turn to Exeltech for help. They will assign their executives to check, and repair your 2k watt power inverters to find out what’s wrong with it and make the necessary repairs.