Are you looking for a reliable industrial power inverter

Do you wonder if you should invest in module design inverters or standard inverters

We understand your dilemma because there are plenty of inverters available in the market. So you are often confused about which inverter is worth the investment? 

Do not worry; this post will clear all the doubts about how modular inverters are different from standard inverters. 

  1. High availability

The architectural system of module design inverters works on the parallel connection of multi modules. It allows you to easily ‘hot swap’ between different units. This feature makes them highly available because you have another unit ready as a backup if one unit fails. 

However, this feature isn’t available in standard inverters. They have a single inter-dependent unit, the failure of which leads to complete power cut-off. 

  • Easy maintenance

The standard inverters require technical personnel and expertise to repair the damaged system onsite. But in the case of modular inverters, users can immediately replace the damaged units on their own. 

  • Convenient expansion and installation

Modular inverters are highly flexible in terms of their reconfiguration power, where you can configure them according to your business requirements. You have to add more modules to the system, and your customized inverter is ready.

This customization feature minimizes the total price for users, making it an economical alternative. 

On the contrary, you cannot customize your standard inverter; it is available as a single unit. And once it gets damaged, you have to replace the whole unit. 

Most businesses prefer modular designed inverters because of their efficiency and attractive features. If you are also looking forward to purchasing reliable inverters, your search ends at Exeltech

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