Inverters offer lots of benefits to homeowners and businesses. The most important is that they ensure a continual power source to your appliances and equipment, even during power outages.

They work at its best only if you buy the right modular inverters for your establishment. The wrong investment can lead to more problems than solutions. The most important factors to look for include:

1. Input and output voltage

The industrial power inverters should be compatible with the power voltage to your home or business to safely and effectively convert the power from DC to AC.

2. Power rating

Always check the inverter’s power rating before buying one. This is essential because they come in various sizes ranging from tens to thousands of watts. There are two important wattages to consider; the typical power and peak power requirement of your establishment.

Typical power is the power the modular inverters need to provide a continual power supply for your devices and equipment. The surge is the maximum amount of power that the inverter can provide to your appliances for a maximum of fifteen minutes. This is especially important if you have machines with electric motors with a higher startup surge.

3. Energy efficiency

Industrial power inverters have to be energy efficient without or there’s no point in investing in one. It shouldn’t draw too much power or increase consumption but it consequently shouldn’t lead to any energy or power loss too.

There are some large modular inverters called grid-tie inverters that not only allow the delivery of power on the same wires supplying energy from an electric utility, but it also lets any excess power produced to be fed back into the grid. This excess power can be sold to the utility company as an additional source of income.