Industrial power inverters are practically the backbone of any organization. They provide clean, alternative power during power outages to minimize downtime and keep sensitive equipment running continuously. They are thus a significant investment, which should be maintained well to serve you for many years to come. So if you own industrial power inverters, these inverter maintenance tips should prove helpful to you. 

1. Inverters are best placed somewhere well ventilated

Always put your industrial power inverters someplace well ventilated. This is important because if there is no ventilation, then the heat radiating from the inverter forms into dew or water drops. It is not good for the inverter because it can cause overheating or rust. 

Besides, it’s not good to have water drops either inside or outside your inverter. It’s because the inverter parts should always be free of moisture. So make it a point to place the inverter someplace airy and well-ventilated. 

2. Everyday cleaning is a must

Like anything else, there is always the chance of dust settling on your industrial power inverters because dust is inevitable. So try your best to keep the inverter dust-free, and also free from dirt stains like oils. 

You don’t need anything fancy to do this. All you need is a clean cotton cloth to wipe the inverter every day. Make sure not only the top but also the sides of the inverters are clean and free from dust. 

2. The battery should always be charged

Do keep your inverter battery charged all the time. Letting its battery run down entirely only reduces the battery’s lifespan. Keeping the battery charged all the time, and preventing it from running down completely goes a long way at prolonging your battery’s life. 

These 3inverter maintenance tips are more than enough to keep your industrial power inverters working well with minimal complications.