If you are fed up of problems in machinery caused by power outages, then it’s time you considered investing in modular inverters. They convert a standard battery’s power into industrial power to prevent outages and work well only if you buy the right inverter for your company.

You can if you avoid these mistakes while choosing the ideal industrial power inverter for your company.

1. Wrong power type

There are two main types of inverters that help during power outages. The first is a pure sine wave inverter ideal for residential use. The other is a modified sine wave inverter ideal for commercial spaces because it is designed to work with higher voltage electronics and devices.

2. Wrong inverter size

Inverters come in various sizes, from 12 to 220V, to choose from. So make sure you know how much energy coverage you require before buying one. A smaller inverter will not be enough to protect huge machines while bigger inverters are an unnecessary expense for smaller power loads.

a. Improper installation

Don’t make the mistake of installing the inverter on your own. Hiring an experienced person prevents further mistakes because they know the right wires to use for heavier industrial power loads. It is always better and safer to use brand-new connector wires for a safe connection.

Professionals also know the right operation conditions for installing inverters because extreme temperatures, vibration, contaminants, and the falling objects can all hamper the inverter’s functioning.

Despite having so much experience installing inverters, they still follow the manual. They never find it boring. In fact, they follow it because it ensures the safe and perfect installation of industrial power inverters.

3. Not buying a customized inverter

With each company having unique power requirements, it’s sometimes better to invest in custom modular inverters than buying standard ones. A customized inverter can help prevent the constant replacement of inverters.

Avoiding these mistakes help ensure you safely tackle most future power outages by choosing the right industrial power inverters, and properly installing them.