3 little-known reasons to buy sine wave inverters

Buying inverters to power equipment is not something to be taken lightly. The wrong inverter can do more harm than good, which is why this is something that has to be done by someone well versed in inverters, and after thorough research.

The most important thing to remember is that there are different types of inverters like power, modular and sine wave inverters to choose from, each with their individual pros and cons.

Here’s some information about when and why sine wave inverters are a better investment for your establishment.

a) Improved work efficiency

Efficiency is the main reason people invest in sine wave inverters. These inverters come in two types- modified versions with power to handle specific energy loads to provide variable output voltages in less sensitive equipment like heaters. They are a better option for equipment that functions without a start-up surge. Besides, they are a cheaper investment.

In the case of pure sine wave inverters, they can match or exceed the power levels of conventional homes and businesses. They do not heat much and can withstand the power needs of industrial and commercial use. They are also ideal to quickly start motor loads in equipment with variable speed motors.

b) Reduced noise

Sine wave inverters are also useful to use to power equipment in places where noise should be kept at a minimum, like hospitals. This is because they help reduce the noise emitted by equipment like televisions and answering machines.

c) Reduced airborne particles

Sine wave inverters are perfect to use in industries that release airborne particles like sawdust, fabric bits, and metal shavings when manufacturing products.

This is because these inverters are designed to prevent any interference from these particles with the electrical contacts, which in turn maintains optimal equipment working efficiency.

d) Durability

Sine wave inverters are designed to resist any potential damage induced by the impact of something heavy accidentally falling on them. So they are ideal to use in places where there’s a higher chance of accidents occurring.