You have finally decided and chosen the right industrial power inverters for your factory. It’s a wise investment because power outages come unannounced.

It’s these inverters that prevent any damage to the equipment when it happens. But all this is possible only if and when the industrial power inverters are properly installed. Unfortunately, there are some misconceptions that lead to lots of installation mistakes.

1. Any wires can be used

Wiring is very important in any electrical equipment installation. It’s especially important if you are installing something with a higher load capacity to existing wires.

Many people think that it’s okay to use the same connector wires used for the old inverter when installing the latest in new industrial power inverters.

This is wrong because you have to use heavier wires that can support the increased power load. Old, smaller wires only end up getting burned, and may also lead to a fire.

2. Settling for any inverter

It’s true that there are many standard inverters on the market. But you won’t always find something that meets your power requirements. Many people think that it’s okay to ‘adjust’ and use whatever inverter they find.

This is a misconception because, while smaller inviters put your equipment at risk, you are unnecessarily paying more for a bigger inverter than you need. If you don’t find your inverter, there are companies that will manufacture customized inverters that meet your power needs.

3. Operations conditions are not important

Many people think that an inverter’s installation does not depend on the working environment or surroundings. This is a misconception because it’s only in the right working conditions that inverters work at their full potential.

The wrong environment like someplace dusty only hampers the inverter’s working potential. There is an exception here. NBBS Level 3 certified industrial power inverters are designed to work exceptionally well even in adverse working conditions. So though expensive, it’s worth it.