Industrial power inverters are a must in all industries. Not many realize it’s their industry’s backbone because it ensures uninterrupted power supply to tools and equipment. It prevents any possible downtime caused by power outages, which in turn helps minimize losses while maximizing company profits.

This doesn’t mean that you can invest in any inverter you lay your hands on. These three mistakes should be avoid when buying industrial power inviters.

1. Choosing too large or too small a unit

With inverters available in various sizes and power capacities ranging from 12 to 220V, it’s important that you choose the right sized industrial power inverters for your company power needs.

You can do this only if you first know how much energy coverage you require, which is the combined energy needs for all your equipment. Buying too large modular inverters is only a waste of money because you don’t need so much power.

On the other hand, underestimating and buying too small inverters is also a waste. Your inverter will not be able to protect all your equipment, which in turn undermines the whole purpose and need for inverters.

2. Buying the wrong type of inverter

Don’t make the mistake of buying modular inverters meant for residential or commercial use. They will not be powerful enough to sustain the power needs of larger industrial equipment.

You instead need to only look for industrial power inverters that will effectively protect and prevent damage and downtime to industrial equipment.

3. Settling for stock or standard inverters

While stock inverters make good and quick buys, there’s no point in investing in them if they are not enough for your industry. Your investment will go to waste. Customized industrial power inverters are a better option in these cases.

Companies like Exeltech manufacture customized inverters based on your company power requirements. Though a bit expensive, it’s worth the investment, considering the amount of time and damages is eventually prevented.