Modular inverters are a sound investment in any industry. They are vital in preventing possible damage to expensive equipment from problems like power outages. However, many people refrain from investing in these industrial power inverters because they are a bit more expensive than other available options.

It is true that they are expensive, but that’s where the extra expenses end. They turn out to be rather cost-effective in the long run, thanks to their optimal performance and reduced running costs. Here are some myths that make people think twice before buying modular inverters.

Myth no.1: Difficult to install

This is false. On the contrary, they are rather easy to install because of their standardized measurements. You just have to determine how many racks and floor space you require before choosing your inverter. The installation is easily done using the various chassis and slots. You can even add as many inverter units as necessary according to your power needs.

Myth no.2: Expensive to maintain and repair

This is also wrong because you don’t have to spend much on repairs. You can easily get spare parts from available stock parts, and then replace the old part with the new one. Not only are these industrial power inverters available in standard dimensions, but they also have easy-to-follow instructions for simplified maintenance. As modular inverters are hot swapping enabled, you can repair and replace old and faulty parts without even switching off the equipment they power.

Myth no.3: Difficult to upgrade

It is the many chassis and open slots that makes upgrading modular inverters easy. All you have to do is buy additional modules and add them to the existing inverter through its slots when additional power is necessary. As you can do this without switching off the inverter, it means there is no downtime, which in turn leads to increased productivity.