Industrial power inverters are a huge, but necessary investment for most industries. It maximizes productivity by providing continual power even during power outages.

Like any other electrical equipment, there is always a chance of it giving problems when you least expect it. So here are some tips to check and find out what’s wrong with the inverters if they suddenly stop working or don’t start.

1. Rusty or corroded battery terminals

One of the more common faults or problems in industrial power inverters is rusty or corroded battery terminals. So check the terminals the next time you notice your inverters not working.

You can try cleaning the terminals with a dry cloth if you notice that they are corroded. You then have to put them back in, connect them, and turn the inverter on again.

The inverter should and will start if rusty terminals were indeed the problem. However, if it still doesn’t start, there may be some other reason for it not working.

2. A weak or faulty battery

If the terminals are okay, and the inverters are not working, then it may be because of a weak or faulty battery. Check the battery’s date because if it’s old, it may not work as expected, and need to be replaced.

Faulty batteries need replacement. However, if you notice that the battery is not old or faulty, but the inverter still doesn’t work, perhaps it’s because it needs to be charged.

3. Battery needs charging

A discharged battery is another common reason for industrial power inverters not working. This is easily resolved by just charging the battery for a few hours to use it as normal.

Then again, if the battery is charged, and you still don’t know why the inverters are not working, it’s better to call Exeltech professionals to take a look. They have the expertise and knowledge to detect and repair the problem.