AC Inverters depend on their batteries for performance and long life. This is why you must maintain and take good care of the battery for its effective operation and longer life.

Remember, AC power industrial inverters may not help improve your home’s aesthetics. However, they are essential for providing power when you need it the most, especially during a power outage.

Here are a few basic battery maintenance tips you can easily do to keep the inverter in perfect running condition.

1. Place AC inverters in a well-ventilated area

Always place AC power industrial inverters someplace with good ventilation because its battery tends to get heated up while charging and when in use. Not only does the battery heat reduce if the inverter is placed somewhere airy, but it also reduces the need for frequent water topping.

2. AC inverters should be used regularly

Make sure the inverter is used regularly. This means that even if there is no power cut, it’s better to completely discharge the battery once a month and then recharge it once again.

3. Check battery water levels

You must check the battery’s water level at least once in two months to ensure its maintained between the minimum and maximum limits. Do top it up with only distilled water if required and not tap or rainwater.

This is because tap and rainwater contain lots of impurities and minerals that will, over time, affect the battery’s life and performance.

Besides these 3 simple maintenance tips, you can always sign an annual maintenance contract with Exeltech technicians. By doing so, Exeltech will send their personnel over on a periodical basis to check and maintain your AC power industrial inverters and their batteries.