Industrial power inverters help save lots of the inconvenience and headache caused by power outages in a business or company. However, this is possible only if you know what exactly you are looking for. Misinformation can lead to a wrong purchase and waste of money.

1. Using the wrong sized inverter

It’s obvious you need to buy the right sized industrial power inverters. They are available in various sizes ranging from 12 to 220V. You need to know how much energy coverage you require to ensure you buy the right sized unit for your company. Too big an inverter is a waste of money and too small inverters will not serve its purpose. If required, you may and should customize the inverter to meet your business’s power consumption.

2. Using the wrong inverter type

You also have to choose your inverter based on the type of power it produces because power inverters function differently at home and in offices during power outages. Pure sine wave inverters are better for your home while industries, business, and companies need modified sine wave inverters to run all their high voltage equipment. So don’t end up buying a pure sine wave inverter for your business!

Not only do you need a modified sine wave inverter for industries, industrial power inverters are specifically built to run in an industrial environment. This means they are more durable in structure, can work at extreme temperatures and can withstand contaminants, vibrations, and trauma of falling objects usually found in industries and factories.

3. A DIY installation

Similarly, do not attempt to install the inverter on your own. No matter how good a handyman you may think you are, it’s better to have experienced professionals to install it for you. You needn’t even go looking for someone because the inverter manufacturers usually have someone on-board to do all this.

Professionals also know and use the right sized wire for the power load. It’s the right connector wire that ensures your business runs safely and efficiently because of the industrial power inverter. Connecting a brand new industrial power inverter to an existing lower energy load connector wire only complicates the matter, and does not help in the inverter’s working efficiency.

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