Now that you know you should invest in industrial power inverters to convert DC to AC power, it’s time to buy one. However, this doesn’t mean that you can just enter a retailer and pick up one. There are a few things you should know before venturing out to buy one.

1. Usage

The most important criterion is how and why you will be using these inverters. This is very important because inverters meant for residential use will not be useful in an industrial setting. Similarly, you also have to select your inverter based on the type and number of pieces of equipment it will be powering.

2. Wattage

You need to check an industrial power inverter’s wattage when picking one. It determines how units of equipment it can power at a given time. There’s no point in investing in an inverter that won’t serve the purpose of powering all your equipment.

3. Continuous and surge power

There are two types of power the inverter has to handle. One is continuous power, which denotes long power supply lasting a few minutes to hours. It is the approximate power necessary for powering a device.

Surge power is the starting wattage power needed to start a device. It usually lasts a few seconds, after which the device is powered by continuous power for as long as it is run.

The device’s surge power is usually higher than the continuous power. So if your industrial power inverter cannot accommodate the surge power, your device won’t start.

Now that you know the three important factors for selecting industrial power inverters, you just have to head to a reputable provider to buy one. Exeltech is one of the best inverter providers around that sells standard inverters and will also customize one as per your requirements.