Outages occur unannounced, and your equipment has to be ready for them to ensure minimal downtime. Investing in the right industrial power inverters can help you overcome this problem.

1. Size

With inverter sizes ranging from 12 to 220V, you have to find the right sized inverter to protect your equipment. Size here isn’t based on the inverter’s physical size but on your power consumption. The more power you consume, the bigger the inverter you require.

There’s no point in buying larger sized inverters because they are more expensive and an unnecessary waste of money. Too small inverters will not be useful too because they won’t minimize your downtime.

If you may increase your power consumption with time, then it’s better to invest in a modular inverter where you can just add or remove modules as your power consumption changes.

2. Space

You need to consider the space where you will be placing the industrial power inverter. Don’t worry if space is a constraint because you can invest in modular inverters.

As mentioned above, you can not only add and remove modules as required; you can also change their position and configuration so that it squeezes into whatever space you have.

3. Customization

Sometimes you may not require a modular inverter, but you also don’t have the right sized industrial power inverters. If this is the case, then you should look for manufacturers of customized inverters.

They will build an inverter to meet your power needs. Though they may be a bit expensive, they are definitely better than buying standard inverters that do not provide the necessary power to ensure there’s no downtime during outages.

These 3 tips help ensure you buy the right sized industrial power inverters to help minimize downtime during power outages.