Are you thinking of buying a 2kwatt power inverter? Are you confused from looking at the many types and models available? Don’t worry. It happens because you don’t buy these inverters every day.

This doesn’t mean that you can take things lightly. You need to invest the right time and research, and keep these tips in mind.

1. Load capacity

This is very important because true sine wave inverters will not be useful at all if they cannot handle the required electrical load. This means that if your power load is 4000 watts, look for inverters that have peak wattage of at least 4000 watts.

When you speak about the inverter’s ideal load capacity, it’s the maximum wattage it holds for a few seconds. It reaches this peak wattage while starting motors and during utility line power surges.

2. Right size

There’s no point in buying large 2k watt power inverters just because you can afford them now. It is better to buy a standard but customizable inverter so that you can add modules to increase its power load in the future if necessary.

3. Standard or customized

The choice lies in your hands because each has its pros and cons. The standard true sine wave inverters are cheaper in cost but cannot be upgraded to accommodate more power in the future.

Customized inverters are more expensive, but useful if you can’t find a suitable standard version for your powering needs. It’s cheaper buying a customized inverter now and adding modules in the future than buying an entirely new inverter later on.

You now know enough to make an informed choice when buying 2k watt power inverters. You needn’t worry if you are still confused, the personnel at Exeltech are more than ready to be of assistance.