What else can be more fulfilling than a morning where you are all ready for tailgating? You have picked the favorite spot, the canopy is up, friends have arrived, and the meat is already cooking on the grills.

But, what can set your mood even better is the nonstop power supply from pure sine wave inverters.

4 Reasons and benefits to having inverters while tailgating

Below are the four ways in which a modular inverter can spice up your tailgating experience. Read on to find how:

1. Music

You may not be a pregame person, and you enjoy music better. However, your phone speakers may not serve the purpose for a long time. This is when modular inverters come in handy. 

With a small inverter and deep cycle batteries, you can plug in the speakers and enjoy high-quality music. 

2. Refuel your energy levels

What else can refuel your spirit better than a perfectly blended drink? Industrial power inverters with 600-1000watt can easily power a small blender.just what you need to make all your favorite drinks, refreshing drinks, mochas, and smoothies. 

3. No missing pregame broadcasts

Getting an early start to the day is expected while tailgating. However what will you do if you, in the process, miss your pregame coverage? Do not fret; all you need is an industrial power inverter, a cycled battery, and some entertainment equipment to set things right.

 A pure sine wave inverter can power up to 300-350 watts; that is more than enough power to support a fast TV screen and an OTA antenna. Moreover, many service providers offer a low-wattage tailgate that gives you access to channels that are not accessible OTA. 

4. Cook on a slow cooker 

The slow cooker can be your go-to option with so many delicacies to try. Plug it into the inverter (300-600watt), attach it to a battery, and you can quickly warm your favorite food on the slow cooker. 

You can also utilize the LED strand to light up your tailgater and keep enjoying the festive mood. 

4 Tips to protect your modular inverters while tailgating

Proper care and maintenance goes a long way at prolonging the life of your inverter. Here are four simple tips you can follow to protect and prolong your inverter’s life while you go tailgating.

  • Keep your modular inverters out of bad weather and direct sunlight. 
  • Remember to charge the battery to its total capacity after every use. 
  • Trickle charge your inverter until the subsequent use. 
  • Also, try to keep the inverters and batteries close to each other for better performance. You can use extension wire to compensate for a few yards. 

What makes the perfect pure sine wave inverter for tailgating? 

Before you pick up an inverter for tailgating, make sure it has the following three important features:

1. Portable

It would always be nice if your modular inverter is portable without requiring much heavy lifting. Even if it’s heavy, as long as it has solid handles and wheels for easy transportation, it is a perfect choice for tailgating. 

2. Enough sufficient power

Choose a modular inverter to support all your equipment power requirements. For example, watching a game that enters double-time requires a lot of fuel. So keep all of these power requirements in mind while selecting the right modular inverter for your tailgating adventure. 

3. Quiet performance

Another essential feature to look out for, and have in your modular inverter is the amount of noise it makes. You don’t want to have to shout out at the top of your voice with an inverter making a louder noise. Therefore, choose an inverter that boasts of quiet performance.

With that said, now you know all the benefits and reasons of needing modular inverters while tailgating. So do not forget to carry one if you are planning to go on a tailgate adventure. 

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