As their name implies, modular inverters are inverters that can be configured in different arrangements to address the inverter installation and operation needs of end users. Would modular inverters be a good choice for your electricity inversion needs? To help you make the right decision, let’s take a look at four major benefits of using industrial modular inverters.

1. Protection Against Inverter Failure

When two or more modular inverters are combined into an inverter system, the failure of a single inverter won’t crash the system. You should repair or replace the failed inverter quickly to satisfy load requirements, but you wouldn’t need to hassle with getting the inverter system up and running again. Simply replace the failed inverter with one that works and has the same specifications, and then return to business as usual.

2. Option to Hot Swap Inverters

Replacing one inverter with another without cutting power to inverter system, as described above, is known as “hot swapping”. You literally swap out one inverter with another while the system is “hot” with energy.

This is a great option for companies whose productivity goals depend on the inverter system remaining energized at all times (e.g. manufacturers and 24/7 retailers) and organizations that require electricity at all times to perform critical services (e.g. hospitals and data centers).

3. Expandable Power Levels

A modular inverter system can have new inverters added to increase load capacity. This benefit has two sub-benefits: You don’t need to replace one inverter with another to increase load capacity, which helps save money; and you needn’t place an order for a custom inverter that has an unusually high load capacity, which also saves money. Just add another inverter to the system to expand the power level.

4. Option to Customize Inverters       

Any type of inverter can be customized, but it’s worth mentioning the fact in relation to modular inverters as a reminder that stock modular inverters aren’t the only option. If you have an inverter system in place, you would probably want a custom model that’s designed for the system’s requirements. An experienced manufacturer of custom inverters can advise you on this issue.

Are Modular Inverters the Right Choice?

If you’re still unsure of whether industrial modular inverters would be a good fit with your inverter installation and operation requirements, call us today at (800) 886-4683 to speak with an inverter specialist, or use our contact form. Since 1991, we’ve manufactured some of the best industrial inverters on the market. We look forward to putting our experience to work for you!