For most organizations, an industrial grade power inverter is a significant investment. If you’re shopping for an inverter, consider the benefits that modular inverters offer, as you evaluate your options. For many end users, the following advantages of modular inverters make them preferable to non-modular models.

1. Cost Savings

Despite requiring a significant investment, stock modular inverters typically sell for less than custom equipment. However, if you can’t find an inverter that meets your needs, then you might require a custom inverter after all. We can examine your needs for free, let you know what type of inverter would work best for your electrical needs, and explain why.

2. Simplified Repair and Maintenance

The standardized dimensions and apparatuses of modular inverters make them easy to service. Once workers learn to maintain modular inverters (The equipment is typically maintained using the owner’s manual.), they can use the knowledge for an extensive period of time.

If repair parts are needed, the manufacturer ships pre-made stock components immediately. Wikipedia states, “In manufacturing, modularity refers to the use of exchangeable parts or options in the fabrication of an object.” This is a good explanation of how standardized inverter components help simplify inverter repair and maintenance for the end user.

3. Simplified Installation

Modular inverters have standardized dimensions that let customers know exactly how much floor space or rack space will be needed to house the equipment. This makes modular inverters easy to install because they can be “dropped in” a space that’s reserved this purpose. The simpler the installation, the faster your new modular inverter will be up and running.

4. Opportunity for “Hot Swapping”

Some manufacturers design modular inverters to be “hot swapped” with other inverters. Because the equipment the inverter serves remains powered on while the swap is performed, downtime is eliminated, and the new inverter seamlessly unites with the electrical system. Combined with simplified installation, hot swapping supports productivity by reducing downtime.

In the Market for Modular Inverters?

If so, checking out our modular inverters should be at the top of the list. In addition to providing highly reliable inverter models, we also supply them with built-in compliance for special certifications, including NEBS Level 3, RoHS, and TUV – TL9000. To inquire about our modular inverters or other equipment, or to place an order, call us today at (800) 886-4683, or use our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you!