After spending so much time selecting, and then buying industrial power inverters, it’s only logical that you maintain them well. So here are 4 useful safety tips and measures for modular inverters worth knowing.

1. Know its safety features

You must know the inverter’s safety features. Every unit has a useful supportive feature that proves helpful in maintaining the inverter. For example, find out how long the inverter lasts if you plan to store it. Keep it covered in storage so that no dust or dirt reaches it. Also, make sure you check after a few days to ensure there’s no rusting of the inner parts while in storage.

2. Usage

While inverters are relatively easy to use, make sure they are compatable with all devices you plan to use them with. This is because a reduction or increase in voltage can lead to damage of both the connected devices and the industrial power inverters. Similarly, any charging of devices should be done only with the inverter charger and no other cable.

3. Use caution

Like any other piece of machinery, there shouldn’t be any children in the vicinity when the modular inverters are operational. It’s better if no third person ventures near them because their casing overheats with time.

There is the risk of the skin burning on contact. It’s also better if the inverter is placed in a well-ventilated area so that there is enough air circulating to keep it cool when in operation.

4. Regular maintenance

Industrial power inverters need regular maintenance, just like any other electrical equipment. So make sure they’re regularly serviced by not just anyone, but someone who’s well versed with modular inverters.

It’s better to buy inverters from companies like Exeltech that offer a service contract with them. With their technicians servicing your inverter, you know that it’s in good hands.