Do you feel overwhelmed with the choices while planning to purchase or upgrade your inverter? It’s not surprising as it’s a hectic process due to various factors you need to consider before purchasing.

But do not worry; we have simplified your process. All you have to do is keep track of these four factors before investing in inverters:

1. Size

With many inverter options available in different sizes, you need to pick the one that fits your power consumption.

For example, central inverters can provide you with multiple megawatts of power despite their compact size. At the same time, colossal string inverters can provide only 30-125 kilowatts. 

So you will need multiple string inverters for a greater power supply contrary to one central inverter that can power a massive project. 

2. Know the appliances you would be using

Another vital aspect to consider is what appliances you will support with the inverters. If you need to operate domestic appliances, you may choose a small-sized, low-power inverter.

However, if you need to power heavy industrial equipment, industrial power inverters should be your go-to option. 

3. Cost

Some inverters might have a relatively lower upfront cost compared to industrial inverters. It is because their accessories require easy maintenance and replacement, and it’s in contrast to industrial inverters with complex accessories requiring high maintenance costs. 

However, industrial power inverters are economical due to their long life.

4. Know the VA rating of the inverter

Power generating devices like inverters and generators are rated in VA, and this VA rating is different from Watt Ratings. So do not get confused between these two ratings. 

Watt rating is given to the power consuming devices like bulbs, refrigerators, lights, air conditioners etc. 

Therefore before investing in any inverter, know its VA rating and purchase accordingly. 

You now know the critical aspects to consider choosing the best inverter. So, it’s time to bring home the perfect industrial power inverter from Exeltech

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