Industrial power inverters go a long way in minimizing the downtime of any business. It ensures continual power supply to all the essential equipment running the show. 

Whenever there is an AC power outage, the inverter’s battery power is converted and filtered through its voltage-regulating transformer. It’s quickly done, without any break or interruption of power or load during a power failure, or even after the restoration of AC power supply.

However, inverter manufacturers suggest you adhere to the following tips to ensure the inverters work so fluently. 

1. Proper ventilation

Place industrial power inverters somewhere well ventilated and non-humid without any rain. Maintain at least 20cm from the surrounding objects, and far away from anything explosive. 

Do not place anything on the inverter, or even cover it with something. It is essential because it may end up increasing the unit’s environmental temperature. According to inverter manufacturers, the ideal temperature in inverters should not b higher than 40°C. 

2. Proper grounding

Make sure the industrial power inverters’ casing is grounded correctly before connecting the machine’s input and output. 

3. No simultaneous charging and inverting

 Do not attempt to charge, and invert simultaneously. Inverter manufacturers suggest not plugging in the charging plug into the power inverter’s electrical output. It only leads to a damaged inverter. 

4. Maintain at least 5 seconds between power boots

Always maintain at least 5 seconds between two bootings. Inverter manufacturers suggest minimizing the inverter’s booting while using industrial power inverters. Frequent booting only leads to damaged devices.

Inverter manufacturers like Exeltech will keep you updated with these tips and guide you about the right way to use your inverters. Their help and careful usage will ensure your inverter investment lasts quite a long time.