After investing so much money in industrial power inverters, it’s natural that you want them to last as long as possible. The wrong handling and use of inverters can lead to their early failure. As prevention is always better than cure, it’s better to prevent making these common mistakes that lead to the failure of inverters.

1. Regular maintenance

Maintenance is crucial for everything, including industrial power inverters. They need to be well maintained on a regular basis to always remain in top working condition. Poor maintenance not only leads to expensive repairs but also reduces the inverter’s lifespan.

Instead of going through this ordeal, it’s better to follow the inverter manufacturer’s guidelines or use their maintenance services to keep your unit well maintained. There are also many third parties that will maintain the inverter if the manufacturer doesn’t.

2. NEBS Level 3 inverters

Some industry working conditions have lots of airborne containments, extremely high temperatures and lots of vibration. It’s important you buy and use only those inverters designed to withstand all these adversities. These are inverters that come with a NEBS Level 3 certification. Buying and using any other inverter in these conditions only leads to equipment failure.

3. Detect problems at the start

Sometimes even the best industrial power inverters end up with faulty parts, especially towards the end of their lifespan, which in turn leads to equipment failure. Instead of waiting for the malfunctioning of the unit, try to detect electrical problems at the start. This involves using infrared scanners to nip small problems in the bud. With this diagnosis, you can repair the problem before it gets out of hand to the point you may have to buy a new unit.

4. Not using residential grade equipment

Using residential grade equipment for industrial applications is the biggest mistake you can make. These inverters are designed to carry the load of residential power needs and not industrial power consumption. Many people tend to buy residential inverters because they are a cheaper option but they don’t realize that these inverters don’t last long if used in industrial conditions.

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