Power outages are nothing new in this technological era.

And since power cuts usually happen unannounced, we need to have a backup ready to combat them. But sometimes inverters too have problems and will not turn on automatically.

You’ll end up frustrated and wondering what went wrong with your inverter especially after spending so much in it. The good news is that it is not a serious issue. 

Here are four simple reasons why your AC inverter does not turn on automatically:

1. Low voltage

Low voltage is the most prevalent reason for your AC power industrial inverters not switching on automatically. And there is nothing much to worry about. All you have to do is check the voltage using a voltmeter. 

If the voltmeter shows low voltage, it means you have to switch on your inverter manually.

2. Battery issues

The battery is the fundamental part of inverters. So if the battery has some issue, there is practically zero possibility of your inverter turning on. Now there can be multiple reasons for a battery not working, like:

  • The battery needs charging. 
  • Improperly connected battery terminals. 
  • The battery’s lifespan is exhausted. 
  • Loose battery terminals.

3. Blown fuse

Fuse is essential in turning the inverter on, and the inverter will not automatically switch on if it is blown. 

So if you ever notice a brown stain on the fuse, it means the inverter fuse has blown away. You’ll have to wait for the power to return or until the technicians change the fuse.

4. Power input is missing.

Inverter starts working when it gets the signal that there’s a power cut. But if you do not connect it to the main power supply, the inverter will not know whether there is a power outage or not.

So ensure the power input remains connected to your AC inverters 24*7. Also, keep an eye on the power cables. Faulty power cables can also interrupt the continuous power supply.

These are the four possible reasons for your AC power industrial inverters not turning on automatically. Don’t worry if you ever face such a problem, Exeltech professionals are only a call away to come and solve your inverter issues quickly.