Minimal downtime with maximum productivity is the secret to a profitable business. With most industries depending on electricity to achieve this, it’s important that they have a continual supply of power, which is possible through industrial power inverters.

These inverters ensure continual power supply even during power outages. However, as there are so many inverter manufacturers and models to choose from, it’s essential you choose the right unit for your factory.

Here are a few rules to follow to select the right inverter:

1. Proper wattage

The industrial power inverters should have enough wattage to efficiently run all your machinery. There shouldn’t be too high a wattage or too low a wattage. With too low a wattage, you will have insufficient power and you’ll have too much power if it’s a higher wattage inverter.

The purpose of buying one will not be served if it’s a low wattage unit If you need industrial power inverters with specific requirements, it’s better to have one custom built for you.

2. Check product certification

Make sure you check the inverter’s product certifications because not all units are suited for use in all operating conditions and locations. It’s better to buy from inverter manufacturers with NEBS Level 3 or RoHS certification. It proves that your chosen inverter is safe to use and complies with workplace regulations.

3. Load capacity

Check the inverter’s load capacity because different inverter manufacturers produce units catering to different work specifications. There are inverters meant for commercial, residential and industrial use, which vary mainly in their load capacities. You need an industrial power inverter with a higher load capacity to meet the industry’s environment and heavy workload.

4. A customized or standard unit

Stock or standard units are plentiful but they may not always be what you want. These industrial power inverters are economically produced by inverter manufacturers in bulk with common features.

While they may be okay for standard power requirements, if you need more power, it’s better to consider buying custom power inverters. Companies like Exeltech will gladly manufacture the right inverter for you, based on your personalized power requirements.