All electrical equipment eventually wears out, power inverters included. However, before an inverter reaches the end of its life, the owner has often repaired it several times and spent at least hundreds of dollars making the repairs. With this in mind, we present four essential  strategies that will help you minimize inverter repairs throughout the equipment’s lifespan, and thus help to support the productivity of your company or organization’s operations.

1. Right Equipment Grade

Power inverters are often referred to in terms of their “ construction grade”: industrial grade, commercial grade, or residential grade. If you choose an equipment grade that doesn’t support your electricity conduction needs (using residential grade equipment in an industrial setting, for example), the hardware is highly likely to fail prematurely due to overwork and require costly inverter repairs.

2. Scheduled Maintenance

Every company or organization that uses inverters knows the equipment must be maintained. However, not every end user follows the manufacturer’s instructions for scheduled maintenance. The maintenance procedures outlined in the owner’s manual are the only ones you should implement, as they were developed for the specific type of inverter you use.

3. NEBS Level 3 Certificate

In the 1970s, Bell Labs developed Network Equipment-Building System certifications to help standardize the performance of electrical equipment used in regional Bell operating centers (RBOCs). A NEBS Level 3 certificate offers the most protection out of the three certification levels, and protects against airborne contaminants, unusual temperatures, unusual acoustics, moisture, vibration, and much more.

4. Custom Inverter Design

If you can’t seem to find an inverter that seamlessly fits your needs, don’t settle for the next best thing. Otherwise, you could end up with an inverter that fails prematurely due to overwork. To minimize inverter repairs, a better idea is to have the inverter you need custom manufactured. Custom equipment may cost more than stock equipment, but it could lots of save money in repairs.

Who We Are

Exeltech is manufacturer of commercial grade and industrial grade power inverters that are used by companies and organizations from coast to coast and beyond. We have 25 years of experience in supplying stock equipment and custom equipment to companies and organizations in a variety of industries.

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