The customer is God. While this is followed by most companies, there’s always someone who tries hiding some things from the customer just so they can make a sale. This article mentions 4 points you should know to avoid dealing with such AC power industrial inverters manufacturers.

a) Some inverters are manufactured by numerous parties

People looking for AC inverters prefer buying units manufactured by a single manufacturer because they are manufactured under stronger and better quality control measures. It is rather difficult to assess the quality if multiple parties are involved, which means there is a chance of one of them using cheap parts that are not as long lasting as expected.

b) NEBS certified inverters are not always equal

If you will be using AC power industrial inverters someplace with high temperatures, buy NEBS certified units. These inverters come with different levels of certification like Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3, with individual features. Some manufacturers sell inverters without taking the certification into consideration, especially if they don’t have your required NEBS inverter in stock.

c) AC inverters can be customized

Though it’s possible to customize inverters as per your power needs, some manufacturers pretend that you don’t have any other option but to buy a standard unit. This is because they want to get rid of their existing stock, and don’t want to spend additional time and effort customizing one for you. So don’t just buy whatever AC inverters you find if they doen’t meet your power needs, because you can always have one customized.

d) There are different inverter grades

If you are looking for inverters for your industrial equipment, look for and buy only AC power industrial inverters, and not something meant for residential or commercial use. However, not all manufacturers will help and point you in the right direction.

They instead just try to sell you whatever they have and tell you that it meets your specific needs. This is a mistake you cannot afford to make because you should always buy AC inverters meant specifically to be used in the environment they were designed for.