A power outage is one of the worst things that can happen to any company. It stops work and productivity and can amount to lots of loss for a business. This is the main reason companies and institutions invest in modular inverters to maintain continuous power to their tools and equipment.

If you wonder why they prefer modular instead of the cheaper standard industrial power inverters, it’s because:

1. It eliminates downtime

This is the most important reason because unlike standard inverters, there is no need to switch off the unit for maintenance or changing of modules. Everything can be done while the unit is working because each module can be independently removed and repaired or replaced.

2. Maintenance is a cinch

As mentioned earlier, the fact that each unit can be individually removed, and replaced with a replacement unit makes maintaining the inverters so much easier.

With the temporary replacement unit in place, the inverter works as usual while the faulty unit is tested and repaired as needed. Productivity is naturally increased because there is no need to shut off the inverter during maintenance.

3. It works out to be cheaper than customized inverters

While modular inverters are more expensive than standard inverters, it still ends up cheaper than customized inverters. Modular inverters have standardized units you can add to the unit as needed if you need something with additional power.

You can increase the inverter’s power just by adding more units. There is no need to move or look for bigger location to fit in huge inverters.

4. Good resale value

There is usually no need to sell modular inverters because you can always add more units if you need more power. However, if you do, you will be pleased to know that these inverters have a better resale value.

The reason is their versatility and standardized footprints. They can be used in any type of industry or business, no matter how big or small it may be.