Purchasing an inverter is an overwhelming task, considering the many inverter options available. And the factors you must keep in mind before making a wise move. 

Buyers are often confused about which inverter to invest in, especially if they are novices. And they usually look for answers to these five questions:

5 Frequently asked questions about sine wave inverters

We have the perfect buying guideline for you to save your time and effort in researching the correct type of inverters. So before buying a sine wave inverter, ask yourself these five essential questions:

1. What’s the ideal size of a sine wave inverter? 

For effective working, you need an inverter with a continuous rating of 1500 W and a surge/peak power of 3500W.

2. How do you install and operate them? 

Never try to be a mechanic with these inverters. It’s best to call the company personnel to safely install the inverter and provide you with clear guidelines for operating them.

3. What’s the warranty? 

It’s crucial to know the warranty period of the inverters instead of misinterpreting the information. Always ask for the warranty period of inverters and all damage the company covers under warranty. 

Needless to say that complete knowledge of the product makes you a confident customer.

4. How to clean and care for them? 

Maintenance of sine wave inverters is a cakewalk. You don’t need to put much effort into cleaning them, just take a clean and dry cloth/brush and remove dust, if any.

5. Best place to buy them? 

Always buy these inverters from a trusted company to ensure you are not wasting money. Since it would be a considerable investment, a mindful purchase can save you money.


You save time and money knowing which sine wave inverter to purchase. Also, there’s less stress as you already have answers to most queries.

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