The moment you have an industrial power inviter, you tend to use it to power everything in your establishment. It’s a normal human reflex to do, but which can lead to more harm than good. 

It’s, in fact, something inverter manufacturers vehemently advise against. 


Well, it’s because you most probably will end up overloading the inverter in the long run. It, in turn, leads to potential explosions and inverter damage. 

There’s a reason for inverter manufacturers to mention your inverter’s capacity. It shows how much you can expect from it so that you don’t overload it with too many equipment or appliances. Ignoring it is a huge, and the first mistake you should avoid doing.

Read on to learn about other potential errors you may make and should avoid. 

1. Placing the inverter near some heat or in children’s reach

You must select the right spot to place the industrial power inverter. Do not make the mistake of putting it near some heat or flames, which may damage it. 

It’s also not advised to place it somewhere reachable by children. There is the risk of children touching it, which can be dangerous when it is hot. 

2. Placing the inverter in a closed area

This is another inverter placement mistake you shouldn’t make- putting it in a poorly ventilated area. Your inverter needs open space because it gets even hotter in closed areas.

It can lead to the formation of dew or water drops, and possible rust formation with time. It’s never good if there’s moisture on the inverter, so keep it somewhere well-ventilated. 

3. Forgetting to charge the Industrial power inverters 

The inverter will be able to work as an alternative power source when you need it only if it’s charged and ready to use! So don’t make the mistake of forgetting to charge it. 

Keep the battery charged all the time, and do not let the battery run down entirely. Not only will it leave you without power when you need it, but it also reduces the battery’s lifespan. You will have to spend more buying replacement batteries.

4. No regular maintenance

Make sure you schedule a routine maintenance regimen, preferably with your inverter manufacturers. Like any other appliance, your inverters need to be kept in tip-top working condition all the time.

As mentioned earlier, the battery has to be kept charged. You can have the servicemen charge the batteries whenever they perform their maintenance. 

They will also check the battery terminals to ensure they are not rusty or corroded. It’s because a rusty or corroded battery terminal is a common fault in most industrial power inverters that regular maintenance can prevent. 

5. Not checking and knowing the battery’s date

It’s also essential to ensure your battery is in top working condition. There is the chance of the inverter not working because of a weak or faulty battery. You just have to check the battery’s date if this happens. You may have to replace it with a new one if it’s old or not working as it should.

Avoiding these mistakes can help prolong your industry power inverters’ lives and ensure you have an alternative power source during an outage. However, as it’s human to err, don’t worry if you do make a mistake.

You can always turn to technicians at Exeltech for help and guidance if your inverter doesn’t work correctly. They will remind you of its regular maintenance and ensure it’s placed in a proper, well-ventilated place away from heat. They will also make sure the battery is charged, and refill the battery water as required.