Most people don’t turn to generators as an alternative power source during power outages. Industrial power inverters are a more popular option because it provides for a smooth transition of power, and is not as noisy as generators.

However, inverter manufacturers advise that it’s only if you keep your inverters well maintained with the following tips will they serve you for years to come. 

1. The inverter should be kept cool

Inverters help maintain a continual stream of power and tend to heat both while charging and when in use. So you must work at keeping it as cool as possible by keeping it in a well-ventilated place. It helps because it ensures the efficient dissipation of heat from the device. 

2. Make sure the inverter is regularly used

It’s surprising but true that you need to use the inverter battery regularly. It means that even if there are no power cuts, make it a point to discharge the battery completely and charge again at least once a month. Failure to do only reduces the battery life.

3. Keep it away from fire and smoke

Place industrial power inverters somewhere safe, away from any possible smoke or fire. This is because there is a high risk of the fire or smoke affecting the batteries, which can, in turn, lead to unnecessary sparks and prove dangerous to the surroundings. 

4. Check water levels

Make it a habit to periodically check the battery water levels, at least every two months, to keep it well maintained. By water levels, it means that the water should always be in between the minimum and maximum water limits. 

5. Use the right battery

Most important, you must use the right batteries for your industrial power inverters. You can decide on the battery capacity based on power consumption.

However, if you aren’t sure about any of this, it’s always safer to approach the inverter manufacturers directly and ask them for guidance and suggestions.