Installing modular inverters is an excellent choice if you want a more practical solution than traditional inverters.

They are modular, which means each set has one or a few modules that run harmoniously. That’s where you can see the impressive perks that this inverter type brings.

1. Superb Efficiency

First, modular power inverters are more power efficient than traditional units. They produce power close to your equipment’s demand, and not any unnecessary excess voltage.

2. Scalable

This inverter type is much more scalable than large traditional units because of its modular nature. You can begin with only one module and stack as many modules as you need later on.

On the contrary, in case of a traditional inverter, you need to install a significantly larger capacity unit. That is to ensure that it can accommodate possible expansion plans in your setup.

However, if you need more power, then you will have to replace the old one or add another unnecessarily large capacity unit.

3. Easy Installation

This type of inverter is far easier to install than traditional inverters. That is because of its standard small size, which you can place in any convenient spot.

4. Convenient Maintenance

Hot-swapping is possible with modular power inverters. You only need to shut down the problematic module for repair or replacement while leaving the other modules up and running.

That makes this type an excellent choice to serve as industrial power inverters.

5. Favorable Market Price

Modular power inverters are generally more expensive, especially when you need a lot of modules. The thing is, its market price steadily decreases and would eventually fall below traditional inverter costs.

Moreover, installing a modular inverter is much cheaper than that of a large capacity unit.

Select the Best Modular Inverters for Your Needs and Enjoy its Perks

Modular power inverters are worthy investments for your electronic equipment. They bring perks that you cannot get from traditional inverters.

The thing is, you need the best modular power inverters for optimal results in a setup. And this is where Exeltech professionals can help you.