Power cuts. They occur when you least expect it and when you need power the most. While power cuts are inevitable, you can at least have some backup inverters for the continual use of your electrical appliances and equipment. 

Of the lot, sine wave inverters are always a better buy. Why? It’s because they are:

A clean power source

They provide clean and stable pure sine power that’s safe on your appliances. 

Aesthetically pleasing 

Besides, the modular versions look aesthetically pleasing to blend with your interiors. 

Energy efficient 

Sine wave inverters are also energy efficient because it reacts quicker than conventional inverters during a power cut. This helps control the amount of AC power required to charge the battery and reduces power consumption.

The battery life is also, in the long run, improved while providing for better energy efficiency. 

Overload regulation 

Some sine wave inverters also have an overload regulation feature. It is this feature that lets the inverter reset itself before restarting. These inverters try to run with the existing power load as long as possible. It then uses its alarm system to warn users about the overload. 

The alarm gives you enough time to reduce the inverter load before it shuts down. Not all sine wave inverters have the feature.

Safe and compact 

Most sine wave inverters are shockproof, rendering them safe for both adults and children. Their smart design makes it easy to install in both large and small homes. Most of them even have a bright and easy-to-read display to keep a tab on the inverter and its performance. 

Your Exeltech personnel will guide you, and help you select one that has the feature if you want.