It doesn’t matter how big your industry may be. 

There is always the chance of work disruption and reduced productivity due to power cuts and sudden voltage gushes.

As a result, people look for reliable ways to trounce this problem, and inverters come as saviors for households and industries. With the right inverter, you need suitable batteries for optimal performance. 

Steps to Choose The Best Battery for Your Industrial Power Inverter

Before you purchase an inverter, in-depth knowledge of the inverter batteries is a must. Read below the various steps to keep in mind before choosing the best batteries for your inverters:

1. Power requirement

The important step to choosing the best inverter battery is to analyze your power requirement. Simply put, choose the gadgets and appliances you wish to operate on the inverter and select the battery accordingly.

2. Battery capacity

Capacity measures the time the inverter can operate and is calculated in Ah (Ampere hours). The better quality of the battery is responsible for its better capacity. So to get the best battery from inverter manufacturers, calculate the battery’s capacity.

3. Power density

Choose a battery with a higher power density for the effective functioning of industrial inverters.

4. Economic

Cost is yet another crucial step to consider before purchasing batteries. Select a battery that is cost-effective besides giving an outstanding performance.

5. VA rating

VA accounts for volt-ampere rating. It measures the current and voltage provided by the industrial inverters to the appliances. If an inverter operates with 100% proficiency, then the power required by the devices and power supply will be equal. 

However, this ideal situation is practically impossible. This ideal situation is called the power factor of the inverter.

The power factor of the inverter and the power requirement of the appliance decides the volt-ampere (VA) rating of inverters.

If you are looking for an inverter, Exeltech technicians will help with selecting the right ones, along with the best battery for it.