Even if it’s your first time searching online for an inverter manufacturer, you probably already know you have hundreds of options for buying equipment, not including vendors. Which manufacturer should you choose? That’s the question we answer here by listing other questions that you should ask an inverter manufacturer to see if it’s products are a good fit for your needs.

1. What grade of equipment do you specialize in manufacturing?

In terms of construction grade, there are three basic types of inverters: industrial, commercial, and residential. Choose an inverter manufacturer that specializes in producing inverters that have the construction grade you need.

2. Do you perform the manufacturing process in house?

It’s typically a good idea to buy inverters from a manufacturer that handles the production process in-house, as opposed to outsourcing it to a third party. A manufacturer that works in-house has greater quality control over manufacturing.

3. Do you produce custom models in addition to stock models?

You may not need a custom inverter now. However, it isn’t uncommon for power inversion needs to change, and require the implementation of custom equipment Having a business relationship with a custom inverter producer removes the need to look for one in the future.

4. Are your inverters available with NEBS certifications?

If you need an industrial inverter that can operate under adverse conditions, you may require a model that comes with a Network Equipment-Building System (NEBS) Level 3 certificate. If you need an inverter that offers the reliability of NEBS Level 3, be sure the certificate is available.

5. What is the warranty for the inverter I need?

Not every inverter manufacturer offers the same warranty terms and conditions. Naturally, you want the longest warranty possible. However, you also want a warranty that has as few terms and conditions that could prematurely invalidate the warranty period.

6. Do you provide OEM maintenance plan options?

If you won’t maintain your inverters in-house, receiving an original equipment manufacturer maintenance plan can be quite helpful. The plan is often free for a short period of time, and then tends to cost more than independent, third party maintenance plans. After using the plan for free, you can decide whether paying for it is a good option.

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