The electronic world of today warrants practically 24 hours of electricity to keep everything powered and working. However, no matter how developed a country may be, there is always room for power outages.

That’s why most commercial and residential establishments have inverters to provide for continuous power supply, even in outages. 

However, nothing’s perfect too. 

It doesn’t matter how much you may have invested in your industrial power inverters. There is always the possibility of it having problems.

It’s practically part and parcel of owning an inverter, which is why you should be aware of these possible problems, and their solutions. 

1. A problem with the power switch

This is probably the most common problem that you may find with inverters. However, it’s not something you can repair. You will have to have technicians to repair or replace your modular inverters’ power switch. 

2. Loose or poor battery connections

Another common problem with industrial power inverters is loose or poor battery connections. It is better to have your Exeltech technicians reconnect or tighten the links so that you can switch on and use the inverter.

3. Reduced backup time

Sometimes you may notice that the modular inverters seem to have a shorter end backup time. Well, it’s usually because of excessive power consumption or because the battery isn’t entirely charged. 

The solution lies in reducing the load if it’s because of excess power usage. And in case the battery has lost electrolytes, then regularly topping the battery with distilled water resolves the problem. 

However, this doesn’t mean that you fill water until its maximum level.

The water level should be somewhere between the maximum and minimum marks. And supposing the battery has been completely discharged, and then it has to be charged for a few hours before it can work efficiently. 

4. Tripping

Sometimes modular inverters end up tripping. If this is the case, pressing the reset button solves the problem. However, it may mean that the batteries need replacement if it still doesn’t work. Your Exeltech technician will be a better person to take a look and decide. 

5. Rusty and corroded battery terminals

This is again another common problem with industry power inverters. It generally leads to a shortened backup time. You have to try cleaning the corroded terminals using a dry cloth. The inverter starts typically working once it’s cleaned up. 

6. Continuously working in the inverter mode

Sometimes modular inverters seem to end up working in the inverter mode. It’s usually because of two reasons. The first is that the input isn’t connected or secondly because the inverter’s fuse has melted.

You will need your technician to take a look at the problem to find out the culprit and diagnose it.

7. Continually beeping alarm

Are you irritated with the continually ringing alarm beep? If yes, it’s usually a consequence of two things. It may be because of an overload, or because of a stuck, cooling fan.

While removing any extra load may resolve the problem most of the time, you need professional help if it’s a stuck fan. 

8. A weak or faulty battery

Yes, the battery must be kept well maintained at all times. Failure to do so can lead to a weak or faulty battery, which harms the industrial power inverters. The only thing that can be done is to replace the battery with a new one. 

These are the eight most common problems associated with all types of modular inverters. As you can see, most of them can be prevented with regular inverter maintenance.

However, it’s better to call the professionals to resolve the problem instead of attempting to do it yourself if it’s something severe.