Investing in inverters is not a cakewalk, especially with so many options around. You cannot just go and randomly pick one; there are various things you need to consider. Here is the detailed process of how to select the best industrial inverter for you:

What are industrial power inverters?

These inverters can cater to the critical power load in the industries. They change DC voltage to Sinusoidal Alternating current with stable frequency and constant amplitude. Thus, providing industrial equipment with a consistent and continuous power supply. 

Three factors to consider before choosing the suitable industrial power inverter

You need to consider the following factors to select an inverter:

1. Usage

One of the crucial factors to consider is your purpose in purchasing the inverter, whether you need them for residential or industrial purposes. 

An inverter designed to power home appliances will not support industrial equipment. 

Similarly, you have to calculate the number of equipment you will operate on these inverters for industrial purposes. And then, you can select the size accordingly. 

2. Wattage

Wattage measures the number of units an inverter can support at any given instance. 

Before selecting an industrial power inverter, always check if its wattage matches your power requirements. It is pointless investing in an inverter that cannot supply power to all your equipment. 

3. Calculating the peak power and continuous power

Inverters deal with two kinds of powers-continuous and surge/peak power. 

Continuous power is the power needed by any appliance to run smoothly between a few minutes to hours and remains constant throughout. 

On the other hand, surge power is the initial power required by any appliance to gain momentum or start operating. It lasts for a few seconds till the device gains momentum and is much higher than continuous power. 

Your industrial inverters should be strong enough to accommodate this high surge power. If not, your appliances would not start operating. 

Therefore, it is essential to check for continuous and surge power before investing your money. 

Selecting the perfect size inverter

With so many inverter sizes available in the market, you can get confused about the size that fits best for you. These three factors will help you select the right sized inverter:

1. The total appliances the inverter will power.

Most people think it’s best to buy the biggest inverter available; however, this is not always the right decision to make. 

It is instead better to calculate the total number of appliances your inverter has to power. You also have to decide if you will use a single piece of equipment or multiple types of equipment together. 

After analyzing your usage, consider inverter sizes ranging from a smaller 300 watts to a large unit of 5000 watts.

Now, pick an inverter according to the equipment you need to power. 

2. Total wattage consumption

Now, you have the list of equipment you will power using industrial inverters. The next step is to calculate the watts consumed by this equipment, including their surge power. Your inverters should have greater total wattage than your total wattage consumptions to fulfill your power requirements, 

Most inverters mention the wattage and surge power. Take into notice both these readings before making your final decision. 

3. Handling power surge/peak

Yet another essential factor is how long the industrial inverter can handle the peak or surge, as many inverters can handle the rise only for a few milliseconds or seconds. 

However, an efficient inverter should handle power surges for a longer duration. So look for an inverter that can handle the surge for the longest time. 

So, you now know all the key factors to consider for buying an appropriate industrial inverter. All you next have to do is head to the most reliable inverter manufacturer around Exeltech to buy your inverter.

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