It’s not enough to just do your research and buy the right AC power industrial inverters for your equipment. Like any other piece of equipment, it needs to be periodically maintained for optimal functioning.

The problem is that most people who buy inverters are undecided about whom to approach for their maintenance work. While a service contract with the manufacturer seems to be the best option, it’s actually cheaper and better for you to hire a third-party provider. Read on to find out why.

1. Cheaper rates so you save money

Third service providers charge lower rates than manufacturers. In fact, there are also some companies that charge an additional reinstatement fee if you decide to hire their services after first getting their contracting, then terminating it to hire a third party provider, and then hiring them again.

2. Technically savvy

While manufacturers will know their AC inverters in and out, they are comfortable working with only their brand. They will not be adept at servicing other inverters if you have any.

In other words, it’s better to hire a third-party service provider if you have, or plan to buy additional AC industrial power inverters of different brands.

3. Spare parts are always ready

Third party providers generally have some spare replacement parts ready to repair most brands and types of inverters. This is their job, so they want to ensure optimal customer satisfaction so keep as many parts ready and available as possible. This is to ensure they cn quickly conduct repairs and ensure minimal downtime for your company.

Taking a look at these points, you do stand to save money having your AC power industrial inverters maintained by third-party providers. They minimize your downtime because they have spare parts ready to quickly repair damages.

They can also repair most inverter types and brands, and most importantly, they charge much less than your manufacturer’s maintenance team.