Did you know that AC inverters have more uses than just delivering essential power for devices like microwave ovens? Did you know that they are also used to power military equipment in remote parts of the world, and for bringing electricity to the off-grid schools and homes in Third-World countries?

That’s not all! There is so much more you should know about them before buying one.

1. Converts DC to AC power

AC inverters are mainly used for converting DC or direct current to the more standard alternating current or AC power that the electric grid supplies to your home. This is to prevent possible damage to equipment that the DC power will otherwise cause.

2. Your power requirements

AC inverters should be selected based on your power requirements. The smaller ones that you plug into your car’s outlet can charge your cell phone and other small gadgets like a DVD player. It’s not useful for powering devices that need more electricity like a hairdryer or toaster oven, though.

3. Wave type

Most inverters produce modified sine waves that are widely and safely used in various devices and appliances. However, some devices, like laser printers and home medical equipment, need inverters producing a more refined wave, called a pure sine wave. Equipment tends to run more efficiently and stay cooler with the clean power provided by these inverters.

4. Calculating the power inverter size

This is not as difficult as you may envision. You just have to look at the wattage your equipment requires to function normally. Buy an inverter that is rated higher than your appliance or device’s wattage to compensate for any voltage spikes that may occur when you switch on the appliance. So if your appliance requires 500 watts of power, a 750-watt inverter is ideal.

Don’t worry. Exeltech’s technicians will help you calculate and find out how much power your devices use, and which inverter to buy.