You may be having a tough time choosing between buying a generator or industrial power inverters for your factory. It’s not surprising, because each has its pros and cons. Here’s an attempt at helping you out by comparing the many advantages modular inverters offer over generators. 

Instant power backup

The most important advantage is the instant power backup inverters provide. Industrial power inverters have DC (direct current) power stored in its battery. It converts the grid AC (Alternating Current) into DC while charging before storing.

It, however, immediately reconverts it into AC during a power outage to power your equipment. The switch is instant, without any waste of time or any manual start. 

Generators, on the contrary, do not have any stored energy. It usually runs on fuel and needs to be started to generate and supply power backup. It means that there is a time gap in starting and receiving back-up power when there’s a power outage. 

Safer for sensitive equipment

Generators are mechanical devices that generate electricity by converting the calorific value of diesel into electrical energy with the help of rotating machines. They are thus not safe for powering electronic devices and sensitive equipment like computers and personal printers. 

Inverters only store and reconvert energy into electricity, which is similar to the grid’s alternating current. It makes it a safe option for powering your sensitive equipment like computers and personal printers during a power outage. 

Of course, the decision lies in your hands, but if you consider the convenience and the type of power generated, industrial power inverters are no doubt a better investment than generators.

 You get immediate power backup during power outages, and it safely powers all your equipment, including sensitive computers and smartphones. Exeltech has a large variety of modular inverters. You are sure to find an inverter that is just right for your power needs.