2k watt power inverters give you clean and good power output, which is why they are safely used for powering sensitive equipment. They are best used to power RVs, boats and other mobile applications. Making a choice can be difficult for the novice because there are so many types of inverters to select from.

Types of 2000 watt power inverters

Modified sine wave inverters

This is a reliable choice to power most devices, especially household appliances. It’s cheaper than true sine wave inverters and ideal for powering equipment that runs on modified sine wave current.

They are not a good buy for equipment that needs pure sine wave. It may cause the equipment to operate inefficiently and exert excessive pressure on it.

Pure sine wave inverters

These are a better choice for powering sensitive electrical equipment like microwaves and appliances that pull a large amount of current. Though they are relatively expensive, they reduce the electrical noise in fans, TVs, answering machines and audio amplifiers.

These inverters come in two types- Low-frequency (LF) and high-frequency (HF) pure sine wave inverters.

LF inverters

The LF inverters have a big copper transformer, which is why they are the bigger, heavier and more expensive of the two. They are also better for equipment with high starting power needs like compressors and air-conditioners, especially if this equipment is used regularly and for long periods.

HF inverters

HF inverters use smaller transformers and electronic components and are lighter in weight and less expensive. They are perfect for occasional use like a few hours a week and for electronic equipment and devices you use a few hours a day.

With so many types of 2k power inverters on the market, make sure you select the right one for your needs and your budget.